KASARO MOSAIC PATTERN---Custom design & Robotic production, can make customized mosaic pattern produced by robots,you only need to do is offer your picture. It is the first and only manufacturer in China. 



Order Steps:

01:Measure your wall and finding the picture you like.


02:Log in KASARO design software,transfer to mosaic pattern easily.


03:Calculate payments online based on software.


04:Press the button sending the order to Robot.


05:Fast delivery via air express.


KASARO Service

√ We have a rich photo gallery for you to choose and customize you size.

√ Very simple online software to convert any picture into a mosaic picture.

√ Make order directly on software which easily coordinating with robotic manufacturing system.

√ Tile interlocking system to give finished mosaic pattern a uniform appearance.

√ 125 colors of crystal glass(3/8’’) make your picture vivid.

√ MOQ on 1 piece, no need for stock.

√ Order traceable and fast delivery within i weeks ONLY!


TO be KASARO’s partner

√ Do you want to make you design idea a reality?

√ Does your business need more possibilities?

√ Do you need your own mosaic pattern production plant?

√ Be our partner, a huge and new custom decor market is waiting for you!


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