Bathroom design has style mosaic tiles can not be less

- Jan 23, 2018-

A mention of mosaic, many people will associate with it to make a large number of flowers, portrait patterns, the United States is beautiful, but exaggerated degree is really beyond the daily life. In fact, the elegant mosaic can also be very beautiful, they are not pompous, and more than the texture of ceramic tiles, collage technology is not complex, is definitely a good choice for bathroom decoration.

A blue mosaic of similar shades, but with different colours, occupies a whole wall in the bathroom. This is only used in the wall mosaic tiles, to avoid the whole space into a pure color to look too monotonous, the selection of similar color block splicing, simple mixing can become a regional bright spot.

In the wall of the pattern selection, usually the larger area of the toilet suitable for a large area of collage theme patterns, the bathroom is magnificent, and the area of small bathroom to choose as much as possible light color, simple and elegant can, so as to avoid the toilet appears too crowded.

The bathroom floor with a large area of mosaic brick, but also to create a stunning, unique bathroom space. The random mixed mosaic extends from the ground, with the same color mosaic bricks easily producing clear granular effects. Gray brick Dianran To create this quiet bathroom, but also make the use of color more smart. The same method of choosing a similar color, also appears in this space.