Ceramic Tile Brand Marketing trend

- Jan 23, 2018-

From selling tile products, brands, to selling services, then to the main culture, lifestyle, ceramic tile brand marketing more high-end, in specific marketing methods, advertising, channel distribution, president signing, event marketing, terminal promotions, F4 topic Marketing, FEA Integrated marketing communications and other forms of ceramic tile brand marketing of the big territory.

Ceramic Tile Paste Acceptance

No skew, lack of edge off angle and cracks and other defects. Wall tiles on the surface to be smooth, clean, wall tiles must be firmly pasted. Color coordination, pattern arrangement reasonable, no discoloration, alkali, stain and significant gloss damage. Brick joints filled with dense, straight, uniform width, color uniformity, the angle of yin and yang to overlap the right direction. Non-whole use of the site is appropriate, arranged straight. The reserved hole size is correct and the edge is tidy. Check flatness error less than 2 mm, vertical error is less than 2 mm, seam height deviation is less than 0.5 mm, straightness less than 2 mm.