How to paving mosaic tile ? Learn more experience about it!

- Mar 10, 2018-

Stone mosaic decoration materials have gradually become popular in recent years. More and more young people like decorative material of mosaic materials. Mosaic decorative materials are not only practical but also have strong decorative effects. Moreover, the stone mosaic is also very particular about the paving.


So how about installing mosaic tiles? Let me tell you about it.

Step 1 : Checking the texture, size, and model of the mosaic material. High quality mosaic materials are not only conducive to paving but also have a relatively long service life.


Step 2: The most basic treatment of the wall is to level the wall so that the wall remains smooth and flat. The uneven wall is not conducive to the smooth formation of the mosaic.


Step 3: Measuring the size of the mosaic material and make a mark on the wall. According to the size of each mosaic, on the wall, three mosaic materials are generally put together. Therefore, the three tiles should be planned in advance.


Step 4: Preparing mosaic tile adhesive in advance. In the planned area, apply a large area of mosaic tile adhesive, but remember not to go beyond the scope of the line. Use a smooth ash spatula to spread the gel evenly. Then use a flat thick plank to cover the mosaic tile. Use a rubber mallet. Gently tap to make the mosaic tile more compact to the wall.


Step 5: Making a joint at the tile interface. In order to ensure the perfect mosaic tiles, the joints of the tiles need to be jointed. Prepare the caulking agent and apply the caulking agent evenly into the crevice in the mosaic tile joint to ensure that each joint is filled and evenly coated.


Step 6: Final cleaning work After all of the above steps are completed, the mosaic tiles are almost finished. It is only necessary to clean the residual material of the mosaic wall after the sealant has dried. Care should be taken when cleaning up. Prepare two buckets. One bucket is filled with detergent and one bucket is filled with clean water. First wipe the wall with a rag and detergent and then clean it again with clean water. This way of cleaning, the mosaic wall can be truly clean.