Mosaic Tile Paving considerations

- Jan 23, 2018-

1, mosaic and tile compared to the notice when paving:

General paving tiles with cement can be, but paving mosaic recommendations with hooks. Because the density of mosaic is relatively high, water absorption rate is low, if the wall is not smooth adhesion effect is not a good hook, paving can not guarantee the solidity of mosaic. In addition, the paving mosaic to ask professionals to carry out the construction, can not arbitrarily pave, because it to the requirements of the process is relatively high, the smoothness and the grasp of the seam requires a certain skill.

2, mosaic tile daily cleaning Precautions:

Wipe with clear water and absorbent cotton cloth, you can clean. Because the surface of the mosaic is relatively flat, not easy to filth, so in the clean time is also very convenient. In addition, you can also use neutral brightening agent to rub, so as to help the mosaic surface to keep light.

3, mosaic in the paving of the season:

There is no specific time limit for paving mosaics. But it's best to avoid construction in the summer and winter. Summer when the weather is too hot, it will make the glue is acidic, not conducive to mosaic firmly bonded in the wall and winter too cold also affect the adhesion of glue. May or June paving mosaic effect is the best.