New trend of ceramic tile in international market

- Jan 23, 2018-

In the current era of constant novelty and change, people's demand for decorative tiles is getting higher, which forces tile manufacturers to accelerate the pace of new product development, and constantly introduce new products to meet the different needs of consumers. In recent years, there have been five popular trends in the international ceramic tile market.

One is the shocking type. The tiles are heavily tonal, such as gold and black, green and mauve, each tile pattern and color have different amazing place, very popular with the pursuit of personality architects and consumers. Second, the conservative type of nostalgia. This kind of tile is mainly apricot and light blue color, design in favor of 13, 14th century of the church pattern, the European court retro clothing patterns and Ancient Greek portrait, etc., from composition to color are generous, the purchase of customers belong to the conservative middle class, they are looking for the rules of the moment, not deviant.

Three is lively enterprising type. This kind of ceramic tile attaches great importance to the sense of the era, the pattern is mainly wrinkled cloth, the hue uses the wine red, the dark green and the dark blue, and so on, in the special many concave and convex line design, can adjust the chroma indoor light, can produce the very strong three-dimensional sense. So the 20 or 30-year-old, who has a sense of freshness, is in favor.

Four is the gentle feminine type. This kind of tiles to soft powder blue, pink for the keynote, patterned with a series of flowers with feather pattern, absolutely feminine, highly mature women especially middle-aged women's favor.

Five is the young administrative type. The design of this kind of ceramic tile is more engaging, the hue favors soft pink or lighter color series, the volume is more heavy, not too eye-catching, can cooperate with the more than 30-year-old young management's identity, make them fall in love at first sight.