The development trend of tile and the quality products to be appeared in the future

- Jan 23, 2018-


Insulation Bricks

The use of porous materials to do the body, volume density in the 0.6~1.0, and then in the body surface glazing treatment, so that it has a porous material insulation energy-saving effect, but also has the characteristics of glazed tiles. With the environmental protection and energy conservation work more and more attention, this kind of bricks should have a considerable market, foreign already have this kind of product to put on the market.

Thin Brick

than the existing ceramic tiles thinner, ceramic tiles to more energy-saving and more environmentally friendly trend of a class of products.


Color Glazed Tile

With the change of the ambient light, or with the different visual angle, the brick face presents different colors, giving people a kind of colorful and beautiful enjoyment. This kind of brick's characteristic also has in the glaze to add a kind of rare earth metal oxide composition coloring agent, causes the glaze surface to present the selective absorption and the reflection, in the visible light absorption and the reflection degree different and appears many kinds of colors.


Lightweight Bricks

Now we have developed tiles that can float on the water. This tile can be used to make new materials.

Permeable Bricks

A kind of tile which can be used for street road surface, can water permeable, avoid the surface water.