What kind of tiles do you choose for toilet tile?

- Jan 23, 2018-

1. Glazed Tile

What is glazed tile? Glazed tile is the surface of the glazed tiles treated. It is also a lot of classification, according to the different types of raw materials, can be divided into ceramic glazed tile, porcelain glazed tile. Ceramic glazed tile, made from clay, high water absorption rate, relatively low strength, its main feature is the back color is red. Porcelain glazed tile, made from china clay, the water absorption rate is low, the strength is relatively high. Its main feature is that the back color is gray-white.

2. Polished Tiles

Polished brick is a kind of bright brick which is polished by the surface of the body, which belongs to a kind of brick. Generally the plane of the brick is relatively rough, but polished tiles because the surface has been polished, so the more smooth and bright. Polished brick hard wear-resistant, suitable for paving in the bathroom, living room, bedroom and kitchen and other places on the ground. Based on the application of infiltration technology, polished tiles can be used to make a variety of imitation stone, wood-like effect.

3. Vitrified Brick

In order to solve the problem of the easy to dirty polished bricks, there is a kind of brick called glass brick, in fact, the whole tile. Its surface is smooth but do not need polishing, so there is no polishing hole, also not easy to filth, resistance to dirty. This is a kind of reinforced polished bricks, the use of high-temperature firing, texture than polished bricks harder and more wear-resistant, of course, the price is also higher, shop in the bathroom seems a little "waste" meaning.

4. Brick

The surface of the brick is not glazed, and the material and color of the opposite side are consistent. Features are wear-resistant non-slip, although there are still infiltration of the whole variety of bricks, but relatively speaking, its color is not as glazed tiles.

And with the development of the trend of the times, today's interior design style is inclined to elegant tone style, plain design to become a fashion standard, so the color elegant and pure brick has gradually become a fashion, is widely used in the living room, toilet, porch and aisle corridor, and so on the ground, less for the wall, And most of the non-slip bricks belong to the brick.

5. Mosaic Brick

Speaking of Mosaic, perhaps a lot of people can "fantasize" (cough to say serious), mosaic brick small, colorful, especially in black-and-white tones for the public, widely used in indoor small-scale wall and outdoor large small wall and ground. Black and white mosaic tile gives a low-key simple feeling, clean and bright, and the bathroom is able to fuse together, it is easy to see the mood comfortable, no depressing feeling.