Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mosaic Tiles

- May 29, 2018-

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First, the basic situation

Mosaic is a kind of special existence brick, which generally consists of dozens of small blocks of bricks to form a relative big brick. Acid resistance, alkali resistance, wear resistance, no water seepage, strong pressure resistance, not easily broken. Classification It is mainly divided into ceramic mosaic, marble mosaic, glass mosaic. Scope of application It is widely used in indoor small area, wall and outdoor wall surface and ground with small size and colorfulness.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages

1, crystal glass mosaic tiles

Advantages: beautiful, the back of a single glass mosaic should have zigzag or stepped grooves, so that the shop will be more solid.

Matters needing attention: There are decorative glass mosaics such as stripes, the decorative material distribution area should occupy more than 20% of the total area, and evenly distributed. The adhesive used in addition to ensuring the strength of the paste, but also easy to scrub off the glass mosaic, the use of adhesive can not damage the back paper or discoloration of the glass mosaic. In the natural light, from the height of about 40 cm in the mosaic, visually check for cracks, blemishes, missing edges, and missing corners.

The nine glass mosaics were randomly selected to form a square and lay flat on a well-lit place. The luster was evenly measured at 1.5 meters from the surface. If the gloss was not uniform, the whole bathroom would easily fade in the damp bathroom and damage the appearance of the wall.

2, stainless steel mosaic tile (stainless steel plate + bottom ceramic particles + back net)

Advantages: The cost of stainless steel plate is low, and the product price is medium and low; it is wear-resistant and can be decorated on the ground.

Disadvantages: single color, mostly gold and silver, the surface of the process only drawing, mirror; the surface is still easy to oxidize and the color is dark, poor quality rust. The stainless steel skin, ceramic particles, back net three paste, the particles are easy to peel off, heavier, the installation needs to be filled with mud.

3, aluminum plate mosaic tile (aluminum plastic particles + sponge adhesive)

Advantages: Aluminium-plastic panel is rich in color, with a variety of surface processes such as drawing, flashing, drawing, mirror surface, stone pattern, wood grain, etc.; the surface of the particles is protected by a resin layer, and the color luster is always the same; the particles and the sponge adhesive are directly pasted and the lightest. The project is simple and directly pastes without the need for brushing mud.

Disadvantages: The surface is a resin protective layer, can not be made of tiles; price high-end.

4, aluminum alloy mosaic tile (aluminum alloy particles + back net)

Advantages: All aluminum particles, strength is guaranteed, can be secondary processing, do laser, phantom, spiral and other effects; wear, can be ground decoration.

Disadvantages: single color, no drawing or other material effects, surface technology limited drawing or mirror; heavy, installation needs to be filled with mud. The price is high.

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