Analysis Of The Characteristics Of Jade Mosaic Material

- Jan 23, 2018-

1, mosaic with environmental protection of shell mosaic, marble mosaic, jade Mosaic, etc. are made of pure natural raw materials, in the process of not adding any harmful substances. In today's pursuit of environmental protection, the pursuit of natural times, these natural materials made of mosaic most satisfying people's environmental protection concept.

2, mosaic with strong decorative mosaic using the form of the puzzle to strengthen its decorative, mosaic material is very rich and color changes, it gradually evolved from the traditional small stone particles with shells, porcelain, metal, glass and other materials made as raw materials. Mosaic can be the material itself temperament, emotional tone incisively and vividly, in the decoration of indoor space, it can be used to do other decorative material decoration materials, can also use large area to make mosaic background wall, can use mosaic brick color gradient, can also use a variety of geometric arrangement. Mosaic brick with its rich pattern to the impact, beauty, for home space endowed with a new feeling.

3, the mosaic has a long service life characteristics because the main raw materials for the mosaic of natural stone, in its wear-resistant, tile and wood flooring and other decorative materials can not be compared. Mosaic Brick because of each small particles of the gap more, the formation of its ability to resist stress than other decorative materials more advantages, this is also mosaic can go through thousands of years unchanged, from the ancient Roman era into our modern life, and bloom its wonderful.