How To Build Glass Mosaic?

- Nov 17, 2018-

Glass mosaic

1. Make sure that the construction surface is smooth and clean. After the datum line is laid, the mosaic neutral adhesive is evenly applied to the construction surface.

2, put the Glass mosaic on order, and there should be some space between each piece. After each paste, the mosaic is flattened with a wooden strip to ensure that it is compacted everywhere and fully combined with the adhesive.

3, the paper can be torn off every other day or after the adhesive is dried. Moisten the sticker with a sponge and moisten the sticker. After the sticker is completely wet, the paper can be torn.

4. Fill the seam. Use tools to fill the gaps with Glass mosaic crystal sealant or original adhesive, white cement and so on.

5, cleaning. Clean the excess sealant attached to the mosaic with a wet sponge and wipe it with a dry cloth.

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