How To Choose Mosaic Tiles?

- Jan 23, 2018-

1, choose mosaic Tiles to see hardness

Outfit friends to buy tiles, of course, is to purchase the quality is better, better will appear better decorative effect, but not because of the impact of a lightly broken and so on. So in the purchase should pay attention to the hardness of mosaic tiles, not only a good hardness, but also have a certain degree of toughness, so that will not be easy to break, and in the post will not crack.

2, choose Mosaic Tile to see the surface

The reason why tiles are liked by people mainly because the decorative effect of ceramic tile is better, is a layer of glazed tile surface, mosaic tiles are no exception, its surface that layer of glaze quality to be reliable, so in the choice of mosaic tiles should be selected glaze evenly, smooth and smooth.

3, choose mosaic Tiles to see non-slip nature

In addition, we also need to pay attention to mosaic tile non-slip performance, if you hand on the wall with mosaic tiles, the brick surface is too slippery to cause people to slip, knock injury and other security risks, water in mosaic tile surface slippery slower non-slip performance is better.

4, choose mosaic Tile to see color

Mosaic tiles are liked by people, is because mosaic tile surface texture patterns and color, etc., so in the determination of the quality of mosaic tiles, it is necessary to discriminate against the surface, the standard is mosaic tile surface of the color if the exact same, texture pattern should be clear, There will be no disconnection and so on.

5, choose mosaic Tile to see size

There is also a need to attach great importance to the size of mosaic tiles, mosaic tiles of the ruler must be very standard, the error should be as small as possible, so the best construction effect will be neat and beautiful, mosaic tile edge also want neat, not bump.