Jade Background Wall Of The Future Development Trend

- Jan 23, 2018-

Recently, there are fresh things in the decoration market. Now, painting on the wall without a pen, has been replaced by a special tool. Directly on the ordinary latex paint "paint" painting. Change the traditional style of wall decoration. A wall, is a vivid picture! Such tools have been developed to save time and reduce costs, and prices can be several times cheaper.

Nowadays, the latest popular hand-painted wall painting, the artist's skill requirements are very high, time-consuming and long, the price of natural and expensive. Professional painters need a whole day, or even a few days to complete a painting. Now with the construction of the day a background wall painting, just a few 10 minutes easy to handle. And the process is very simple, ordinary people will see. More valuable is, incredibly can make the picture beyond the hand-painted quality. The mold replaces the pen to paint, the merchant This ingenuity creativity, has created the wall surface decoration New school. Will undoubtedly lead the wall decoration to carry out a big revolution. Make the wall painting such a fashion element to popularize. Such a originally belongs to the aristocratic family can have "noble" art, finally can walk into the ordinary hundred letter family.