Kasaro In Xiamen Stone Fair - Your Best Choice For Global Marketing

- Mar 30, 2018-

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     XIAMEN STONE FAIR 2018,it is an opportunity for buyers and sellers of stone products and services from around the world to source an astounding array of the very latest technologies, innovations and techniques.More than an exhibition, the event provides attendees with unrivalled access to information, intelligence, contacts and experience. Experts from around the world engage in the industry's most topical discussions, finding solutions, facing challenges and seizing opportunities.Be competitive, be positive, be with Kasaro !


  · Professional Buyers: Xiamen Stone Fair has grown into the largest professional stone fairs all over the world, where you can meet and network with large number of international key specialists and qualified purchasers.

  · Trading Platform: Xiamen Stone Fair has become a most important platform for stone and machinery companies to meet new customers, exploit new markets and stay ahead of competition in all stone industry.

    During the March 6th to 9th, also in this exhibition, we have been prepared in many ways to show the dominant stone mosaic and our secret weapon - Mosaic Pattern, which has received many guests' attention, and KASARO is the first and only one can produce mosaic pattern by automated machine in China!

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