Mosaic Collocation And Application In Every Place Of Home

- Jan 23, 2018-

Living Room: A wide variety of mosaic to create a personalized background wall

Living room general use mosaic to collage decorative background wall, with the development of mosaic technology, a variety of innovative materials used in mosaic above, and even appeared gold foil mosaic, wood mosaic and so on. Now, the use of mosaic decoration Hall can even achieve imitation wallpaper decorative effect, and the service life is still longer, which is in the humid areas such as Guangzhou is undoubtedly a great gospel.

Moreover, because mosaic background wall is composed of small pieces of mosaic, so with wallpaper and other materials unparalleled flexibility, people can even send the wedding photos to manufacturers, so that manufacturers specifically set up a unique TV background wall.

Kitchen: Create a spacious, bright and stylish space

The kitchen wall can be properly decorated with mosaic, the proposed use of glass mosaic, metal mosaic, such as reflective material, because the kitchen space is generally small, and there is the problem of oil fume pollution, so bright and smooth mosaic not only good reflection of light, visual expansion of the size of the kitchen space, while easy to clean, Just wipe the mosaic surface lightly with a wet rag to restore luster.

Bathroom: Clear and uniform color, clean and tidy space

The most common place of mosaic is probably to count the toilet, first of all, to be clear, the bathroom should give people relaxed, quiet, the feeling of release, so the mosaic color in space should not be too strong, jumping, otherwise it will bring emotional fluctuations and depression.

Wall General glass mosaic and other reflective ability of the material for local embellishment, such as the background wall behind the toilet, shower location, etc., can play a good role in decoration. Can also be based on personal preferences for a large area of wall paving, the deployment of a more flexible and vivid background wall.