Mosaic Tiles Are So Good! No Wonder It Is A Representative Of Art Tiles.

- Oct 28, 2019-

The home decoration materials are inseparable from the tiles, and there is a kind of ceramic tile. The artistic effect is also widely praised by everyone. This is the mosaic tile.

How to reduce the mosaic tile decoration when the home is renovated. How much do you know about mosaic tiles? Let's take a look at it!

Introduction to mosaic tiles
Mosaic tiles, a special way of creating bricks, using small tiles or small pottery pieces to create patterns.

Due to the small size of the mosaic tiles, some puzzles can be made to produce a gradual effect. For the wall decoration of the home, a relatively large brick is usually composed of dozens of small bricks.

Mosaic tile type how much do you know

1.Ceramic mosaic
Ceramic mosaic is the most traditional and widely used type of tile. It is light in shape, single in color, and low in quality. It is mainly used for the decoration of exterior walls, without any modification effect.

However, the outer surface is rough, so the roughness of the outer surface can be preserved to create an extraordinary living effect.

2. Marble mosaic
Mainly made of marble, it is a kind of mosaic that has developed into a medium-sized ceramic tile.

It is rich in color and has strong acid and alkali resistance. Among them, marble mosaic tiles are more waterproof and are a popular type in the market.

However, the outer surface of the marble is hard and the shape is poor. Most of the marble mosaic tiles are only used for the tiling of the outer wall or the tile of the inner wall of the kitchen, so there are certain restrictions on the use.
However, its environmentally friendly and beautiful appearance can still be affirmed.

3. Glass mosaic
Glass mosaics are rich in color and bring a vibrant feel.

Molten glass mosaic, more artistic, mainly made of silicate material, which contains a small amount of bubbles and particles; sintered glass mosaic.

Mainly used glass powder, as the main raw material, and then add the right amount of binder inside, has a strong pressure resistance.

Venus glass mosaic, there will be a more obvious function of flashing light source, which has a small amount of blisters and a small amount of metal crystals, which is relatively modern.

There are many types of mosaic tiles, and there are many different ones. Therefore, in the process of purchasing, you need to work with home improvement designers, and you can choose according to their specific performance, materials and manufacturing style.

And the mosaic tiles are waterproof, moisture-proof and stain-resistant, and are worth buying at home.