Mosaic Tiles In The Modern

- Jan 23, 2018-

Today, the materials that can be used to make mosaics are more and more resilient. From the traditional marble, small pebbles, glass bricks, pottery, porcelain and enamel, and so on, to any life you can use materials such as buttons, tableware or stationery can be. In today's era of high industrial technology, glass-like mosaics made with silver can be produced in large quantities.

It is now extended to block important parts, such as the media is not convenient to expose a person is to cover up his face, look vague.

Mosaic because of its position in the visual culture and special meaning, the academic attention, such as specialized visual culture Research website: Mosaic Visual Culture Research network.

In the the 1950s, inspired by the re-emergence of the magnificent Byzantine mosaic, the emergence of new materials such as fiberglass and plastics provides a new opportunity for modern mosaic mosaics to recreate unique and compelling works of art. As a traditional and powerful means of decoration, mosaic has become a very expressive art form in modern decoration. Founded in 1956, the famous Italian manufacturer Bissaza's glass mosaic reproduced the mosaic's artistic brilliance, but also made the mosaic into the road to industrialization; The Sicis company, founded in 1987, is the finest mosaic manufacturer in Italy, known for its design concept, will be fine characters, flowers and birds and historical theme interpretation incisively and vividly.

Born in 1993, Chengdu Lei Fu Art Stone Co., Ltd. then completely changed the mosaic of the world pattern, breaking the high-end interior decoration and design industry for the Italian one to dominate the situation. After 14 years of surpassing Italy's famous companies. Lei Fu Company has a strong product development and supporting capabilities, independently developed to miracle lava and glass magic as the representative of the sixth generation of Mosaic products, once launched in the international market has caused a huge stir and sought after, in the entire mosaic market is the leading, Products have been in short supply, the success of the modern mosaic by the decoration industry accessories to the display of noble quality and unique aesthetic style of height, and then become a guide to the development of the entire decoration industry vane.