Overview Of Application Methods Of Jade Mosaic Tiles

- Jan 23, 2018-

1, Pure color mosaic tiles

Pure color mosaic tile refers to "exclusively" mosaic, mostly used in external walls, internal walls or ground, as a whole color to apply, mosaic tiles for the overall theme color in the wall, the ground application, its patchwork point elements, more vivid, flexible visual effects, more color impact.

2, mixed color mosaic tiles

Mixed color mosaic tiles refers to more than three colors in proportion to the irregular combination of mosaic tiles, is one of the most widely used mosaic tiles, mixed color mosaic tiles to a magical, blurred, mysterious, hazy, class barge, jumping feeling, can be used for the whole wall, but also for other decorative materials in decorative decoration, such as waist line, pressure line , the anchor line and so on.

3, Colors mosaic tiles

Colors mosaic tiles are composed of two different color ordered interval arrangement of mosaic tiles, which will be based on the design needs of the designer to match the color matching, the application of the most black and white colors collocation, colors mosaic tiles so that the decorative space more vivid and layered sense.

4. Gradient Mosaic Porcelain

Tile gradient mosaic tile is a mosaic tile composed of the basic same color from deep to shallow, or from shallow to deep irregular changes. Gradient mosaic tiles are the most dynamic mosaic of all mosaic tiles, gradient mosaic tile decorative effect gives a stretch, mottled, jumping, indulgence, daydreams feeling, full of activation space charm, is the most commonly used in decoration mosaic form, wall, ARC surface, parabolic application most.