Smart And Changeable Pool Mosaic

- Feb 26, 2019-

Mosaic was widely used by local people in ancient Rome. You can always see mosaic in residential homes and public buildings. Colorful colors can always bring visual impact, mosaic tiles is such, coupled with everyone's innovation in design, decoration is no longer the rule, color mixing, shape mixing has become a mosaic tiles we often do. Through each person's unlimited imagination, free combination and design, collocate with a unique feeling. The size of mosaic swimming pool brick is small, and the gap between particles is large. Mosaic's ingenious, changeable and arbitrary combination mode is full of challenges for those who control it.

The swimming pool is built in a green surroundings, which is elegant and quiet. At the bottom of the pool, mosaic is used to spell out a Summer Theme pattern, which makes the whole swimming pool more vibrant. In summer, when playing in the pool, you can always feel the cool taste.

Mosaic wear resistance is strong, mosaic's main raw materials are mostly natural stone, in its wear resistance, ceramic tiles and wood floors and other decorative materials can not be compared. Because there are more cracks between each small particle of mosaic brick, the stress resistance of mosaic brick is better than other decorative materials. Mosaic decoration is strong, mosaic use mosaic form to strengthen its decorative, material is very rich and color changes, when decorating interior space, it can be used as other decorative materials embellishment materials, can also be used to make mosaic background wall in a large area; can use mosaic brick color gradient way, can also use a variety of geometric arrangement, with its rich patterns to give people. Shock, aesthetic feeling. Because the shape is easy, the specifications are various, and each geometric block of pure color products is self-contained, design or use, can easily achieve a complete shape, especially at corners and corners, construction is very easy, no need for any skills, that is, the cold folding effect can also be designed smoothly, very beautiful, very neat. Characteristics.

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