Teach You How To Correctly Understand The Thickness Of Glass Mosaic.

- Nov 17, 2018-

In the process of purchasing glass mosaic, we often find that mosaic will have a variety of thickness, such as 4mm, 8mm, 10mm.

First, I make a detailed analysis of the thickness of crystal glass mosaic.

1, 4 millimeter glass mosaic

4mm glass mosaic is one of the most popular glass mosaics on the market at present. Its advantages are: lighter quality, cheaper price, and its disadvantages are: insufficient gloss, weak stereoscopic feeling, and easy to break and fall off. When matching with wall tiles, the thickness of wall tiles is generally 8mm, so it needs to be searched once. It takes time and labor.

2, 8 millimeter glass mosaic

8mm glass mosaic, on the market, is also a lot of advantages: good gloss, good three-dimensional sense, not easy to break, can be better used with wall tiles and floor tiles, the disadvantage is: the quality is heavy, the price is more than twice the price of 4mm.

3, 10 millimeter glass mosaic

This kind of mosaic, including thicker mosaic, is generally used in special occasions, such as highlighting the key collocation, so that the whole wall looks more stereoscopic, its gloss is very good, but not easy to use in a wide range, with 8mm mosaic collocation, the effect is better, of course, the price is not expensive.

Of course, in addition to these thickness of glass mosaics, there are other thickness of mosaics, but by comparison, not the mainstream, there are even 2 mm glass mosaics on the market.

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