The Best Operation Method Of Mosaic Puzzle

- Jan 23, 2018-

Mosaic Puzzle Construction, many owners later reflected after filling the background wall does not have three-dimensional sense, or the whole puzzle is "gray". This is a lot of owners in the process of filling seam encountered the most problems, here the author on this issue to make a detailed solution:

1, first of all, the color of the filler, many for the owner of the direct selection of white filler, resulting in "gray" is usually a big reason is the choice of filler color is not the result. The color of the filler is best to select and close to the background or crystal transparent filler, if there is no need to generally use all white (unless the bottom is all white).

2, after the filling seam treatment must carefully clean the residue on the mosaic surface of the powder, this is very important. Because after 24 hours of filling seam is basically difficult to clean up. The best results can be achieved by cleaning up about 30 minutes after filling the seam.

3, do not fill too full, the general gap to achieve a dent down the best 1MM. In the wiping seam, do not "ring" to wipe the seam, but to the same person from top to bottom to wipe the seam. On the one hand, clean the cleanest, on the other hand, it can make the surface of the slit more delicate.