The Cultural History Of Mosaic Tile

- Jan 23, 2018-

Mosaic, translated from Mosaic, the original intention is to mosaic the meticulous decoration. Early people living in caves, in order to make the floor more rugged, using a variety of marble laying the ground, the earliest mosaic is on this basis derived from development.

Mosaic is the first mosaic of art, to small stones, shells, tiles, glass and other colored inserts applied to the wall or the floor of the drawing patterns to represent an art.

Mosaic became decorative material, the earliest found use in architectural decoration mosaic is the temple wall of Su Beauty, in the Trans-European Mesopotamia Mesopotamia Mesopotamia the original temple wall has mosaic decorative pattern, it is said that Su Beauty's Sun dog mosaic pattern is found many of the earliest mosaic collage. The most archaeological discoveries are in the ancient Greek era, the ancient Greek marble mosaic stone application is very common, at that time the most commonly used form is the use of black and white stone mosaic, then only the authority of the rulers and rich rich can afford craftsmen and buy materials, Mosaic into a variety of patterns to decorate their place of living. The decoration of mosaic was the art of luxury, developed into the late ancient Greece, some craftsmen and artists in order to enrich their architectural works more diversified, began to use a smaller gravel, and their own hand-cut stone pieces through a variety of color matching, a combination of mosaic works to complete a piece, Paving on the walls of buildings, on the ground, on the cylinder, its original, rugged art forms, mosaic history and cultural treasures.