What Are The Common Exterior Mosaics?

- Jun 09, 2019-

Exterior mosaic - resin mosaic

The exterior mosaic tiles are used in a large number of diversified life. People's aesthetic consciousness is constantly improved. The decorative effect pays more attention to their visual effects and individual needs. The resin mosaic in the exterior mosaic tiles is nowadays. A building decoration material that is gradually popular, resin mosaic is bound to become a popular trend in the building materials market because of its inability to replicate. Resin mosaic is more environmentally friendly and has personalized space accessories, flame retardant, no radiation, The texture is hard, not deformed, does not fall off, and has long-lasting effects.

Facade Mosaic - Crystal Glass Mosaic

The crystal glass mosaic in the exterior mosaic tile is made of high whiteness flat glass and is melted by high temperature processing. It has colorful colors, many styles, non-toxic, alkali-resistant, acid-proof, non-radioactive, wear-resistant and resistant. Temperature, high hardness, waterproof, non-fading and many other advantages, due to the special properties of glass, making it visually bright, colorful, bright and beautiful, crystal mosaic in exterior mosaic tiles is the most common Variety of mosaics.

Exterior mosaic - stone mosaic

The stone mosaic in the mosaic tile of the exterior wall refers to the mosaic of the natural stone cutting, opening and polishing into various specifications and shapes. It is the most ancient and traditional mosaic variety, and the stone mosaic is pure. Natural, natural texture, natural stone texture, natural style, simplicity, elegance and many other advantages, is one of the most important ceramic tiles in the outer wall mosaic tiles. According to the different processing methods, the stone mosaic has two forms: matt surface and bright surface. The specifications of the manufacturer are square, rounded, strip, round, irregular plane, etc. The surface of the stone mosaic is rough, which retains the natural The simplicity of the stone itself makes it more rich in patterns.

Compared with ceramic tiles, the decorative effect of exterior mosaics is very ideal. Nowadays, there are more and more types of exterior mosaics. The above-mentioned exterior mosaics are more popular among you. Friends can choose the kind of façade mosaic that suits them, and let the exterior mosaic help us to create a beautiful home.