What Are The Essentials Of Purchasing Mosaics?

- Feb 26, 2019-

Nowadays, mosaic has shown a diversified development trend in color, texture and specifications through the creation of modern technology, and its quality is more and more excellent. Various changes of mosaic have greatly satisfied the extraordinary creativity of designers and DIY enthusiasts. Mosaic is gradually getting rid of the decorative bondage of serving only the kitchen and bathroom. It has become a new favorite of modern fashion decoration materials, and has become one of the most attractive outfits of the living room decoration, incarnating into TV walls, decorative pillars and staircases.

So, how do we choose mosaic correctly? What are the essentials of purchasing mosaics?

1. The mosaic with stripes and other decorations should occupy more than 20% of the total area and distribute evenly.

2. The back of a single mosaic should have serrated or stepped grooves.

3. In addition to guaranteeing the bonding strength, the paste used should be easily scrubbed off the mosaic. The adhesive used should not damage the backing paper or discolor the mosaic.

4. The backing paper used should not be torn during proper handling and normal construction.

5. Under natural light, 0.5 meters away from mosaic, the phenomenon of crack, defect, edge and angle missing can be observed visually.

6. Randomly select nine mosaics to form a square. Place them flat where the light is abundant. Visually measure the uniformity of their gloss at 1.5 meters away from them.

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