What Are The Popular Styles Of Solid Wood Siding?

- Oct 28, 2019-

Today's popular siding style:

1, long strip shape

Long strips are currently the most commercially available and are arguably the most widely used type. The vertical strips stretch the vertical height of the room, making the interior layer look taller. From a color point of view, it is recommended to choose a light-colored material with a gray scale, which can better lining and highlight the main furniture.

2, square shape

Don't think that the siding is a large-sized patent. In fact, the square-shaped siding is very suitable for small home space. The most suitable space to use is nothing more than the living room and bedroom, which is more textured than wallpaper and more fashionable than wallpaper.

3, flat type

The simple and atmospheric flat type is the perfect partner for the modern minimalist style.

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