What Decoration Effect Does Mosaic Have?

- May 22, 2019-

Mosaic is exquisite, compact, rich in color system, can create different styles of beautiful patterns, the effect of creation is far better than ordinary ceramic tile. The types of mosaic tiles are not single. Mosaic tiles of different sizes are mosaic tiles, and their patterns are rich and colorful.

     1. Glass mosaic tiles: Glass mosaic tiles are made of a variety of natural minerals and glass powder. Because of its many colors, the possibilities of combination of proportional mosaic tiles vary greatly. Glass mosaic tile family is also very large, including crystal glass mosaic, 3D glass mosaic, Venus glass mosaic, pearlescent glass mosaic, cloud glass mosaic, metal mosaic and so on. Glass mosaic tiles are stable in nature and widely used. There are glass mosaic tiles in families, schools, swimming pools and bars.

     2. Ceramic mosaic tiles: Ceramic mosaic tiles have a long history and are the representative of traditional mosaic tiles. Compared with other mosaic tiles, ceramic mosaic tiles have elegant and exquisite, calm and generous style, gentle and delicate quality can absolutely withstand the tempering of years. Ceramic mosaic is suitable for the bathroom of classical style. It can also become the waistline of the wall with unique taste. It can also form a magnificent mosaic tile painting inlaid on the wall. From ancient Greece to contemporary times, ceramic mosaic is still moving people with its unique charm and strong expressive force.

     3. Metal mosaic tiles: Metal mosaic tiles are a black horse of today's mosaic tiles. Relatively speaking, the color of metal mosaic tiles is darker than that of traditional mosaic tiles, but metal mosaic tiles with modern style can create a strong sense of science fiction color, suitable for modern style and post-modern style of home decoration. Metal mosaic tiles include stainless steel mosaic tiles, aluminum-plastic plate mosaic tiles and aluminum alloy mosaic tiles.

     4. Marble mosaic tiles: Marble mosaic tiles are specially processed from all kinds of natural and non-chemical dyestuff stone. Marble mosaic retains the simple and natural style and color of stone, and can especially express the designer's flexibility. Because of the numerous colors of natural stone, marble mosaic also has infinite combinations. Nowadays, marble mosaic tiles have been widely used in hotel, bar, station, home wall decoration, and can also be used as various art patchwork.

     5. Shell mosaic tiles: Shell mosaic tiles are made up of pure natural pearl oysters. Shell mosaic tiles show brilliant and colorful colors and emit natural, noble and pure atmosphere from inside to outside. Shell mosaic tiles are usually made of white, black, yellow, abalone, cow's ear and pink shells. They are mostly used in small-scale indoor floors, indoor background walls, various decorative petals and household surface decoration. Shell mosaic with its natural quality, no radiation, no formaldehyde pollution, so that consumers can rest assured.

     6. Coconut shell mosaic tiles: Coconut shell mosaic tiles are made of natural and environmentally friendly coconut shell as raw materials and are pasted by hand. Coconut shell mosaic tiles have fine texture, sandy surface and irregular natural texture, showing the characteristics of simple texture, natural simplicity, and natural curvature of coconut shell itself, reflecting elegant style. Coconut shell mosaic tiles are suitable for hotel and guesthouse, window screens on the wall of the house, and various kinds of art patchwork, etc. In addition, there are resin mosaic tiles, boat wooden mosaic tiles, solid wooden mosaic tiles and so on. The types and sizes of mosaic tiles are different. Consumers can decide what kind of mosaic to buy and what size to buy according to their needs, and combine their favorite home style.