What Is Mosaic Tile

- Jan 23, 2018-

Mosaic Tile is the material of laying toilet wall and ground. Early in the early 80, began to use. Today, mosaic tiles return to the colorful form of decorative materials to become the darling, the avantgarde, fashionable family of all ages.

Mosaic is one of the oldest known decorative art, it is the use of small tiles or small pottery to create the pattern. In modern times, Mosaic is more of a kind of ceramic tile, it is a special existing way of bricks, generally by dozens of small pieces of bricks to form a relatively large brick. It is widely used in interior small area floor, wall and outdoor big small wall surface and ground with exquisite and colorful features. Mosaic because of small size, you can do some puzzles, to produce a gradual effect.