What Is The Difference Between Glass Mosaic And Ceramic Mosaic?

- Feb 11, 2019-

Ceramic mosaic is a relatively old, traditional mosaic of craftsmanship. Ceramic mosaic, in other dazzling and generous ceramic tiles, its delicate and exquisite posture, retro and elegant style is more conspicuous. Some ceramic mosaic surfaces are polished and form irregular edges, creating the appearance of years of erosion to create a sense of history and nature. This kind of mosaic not only retains the simplicity and weight of pottery, but also the delicate and moisturizing of porcelain. The highlight lies in its profound cultural connotation. Designers generally like to design ceramic mosaics into the waistline of bathroom-themed wall tile walls, because today's ceramic mosaics are more rich in color, and they are patterned with various colors and can be painted on the wall. , laid on the ground to play the role of carpet decoration.

Glass mosaic is also known as glass mosaic or cellophane brick. It is a small size colored finish glass. The general specifications are 20 mm x 20 mm, 30 mm x 30 mm, 40 mm x 40 mm. The thickness is 4 -6 mm. Small pieces of glass inlays of various colors. Made of natural minerals and glass powder, glass mosaic is the safest building material and an outstanding environmentally friendly material. It is resistant to acid and alkali, corrosion-resistant and non-fading. It is the most suitable building material for decorating the walls of bathroom rooms. It is the smallest decoration material, and there are many possibilities for combination changes: figurative patterns, deep color jumps or transitions in the same color, or pattern decoration for other decorative materials such as tiles.

The characteristics of glass mosaic: soft, simple, elegant, elegant, chemical stability, good thermal stability. Moreover, it has the characteristics of no discoloration, no dust accumulation, light weight, and strong bonding. It is mostly used for indoor parts and balcony exterior decoration. Its compressive strength, tensile strength, high temperature resistance, water resistance and acid resistance are in line with national standards. Including crystal glass mosaic, 3D glass mosaic, Venus glass mosaic, pearl glass mosaic, cloud glass mosaic, metal mosaic and other series.

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