What Is The Mosaic Tile?

- Jun 01, 2018-

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Mosaic is actually a ceramic tile, which generally consists of dozens of small blocks of bricks to form a relatively large brick. Specifications, thin and small, hard texture, acid, alkali, wear-resistant, watertight, resistant to pressure, not broken, colorful, versatile. But be careful to avoid contact with strong alkaline chemicals.

    Mosaic can be said to be the smallest decoration materials, their combination is ever-changing, more lively than large walls and floor tiles, and also more of a living atmosphere. According to industry insiders, more and more fashion people nowadays choose mosaic as the main decoration material for home TV background wall or kitchen and bathroom.

    When buying mosaics, it is no longer just to buy a single material or type of product. Nowadays, many young consumers choose to mix glass, stone, ceramics, and other materials together to buy mosaics. The collage pattern can also be completely based on consumers. Request to proceed. Using mosaic, both generous and personal, whether it is a simple color or collage color, has its own charm, today Xiaobian will introduce the mosaic of this design and paving techniques.

    According to the different mosaic materials, it is divided into 6 categories: glass mosaic, ceramic mosaic, metal mosaic, marble mosaic, shell mosaic, coconut shell mosaic tiles.

    1. Ceramic Mosaic: It is the most traditional kind of mosaic. It is famous for being small and exquisite, but it is relatively monotonous and has a low grade. Without any modification, the rough surface remains, and if glazed, a smooth surface will be formed. The general ceramic mosaic has the characteristics of waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistance and easy cleaning, but its plasticity is not strong, and it is mostly used for exterior walls, kitchens, and the like.

    2. Marble Mosaic: The texture of natural marble is varied and the decorative effect is very strong. The color and variety are extremely rich, and different colors can be organically combined into different patterns. Its scope of use is also very extensive, such as the hotel lobby, aisle, bathroom and so on. It is a type of mosaic that is developed in the medium term, and it is rich and colorful, but its poor acid and alkali resistance and poor water resistance make the market not very good.

    3, glass mosaic: the colorful glass to bring vibrant vitality to the mosaic, the price is relatively expensive, the reporter saw in the Bohai Building Materials Market, an imported glass mosaic, a square meter to 960 yuan. Glass mosaic is the safest building material. It is made of natural minerals and glass. It is light, acid, alkali, and chemical resistant. It is an outstanding environmental protection material. Glass mosaic has two basic characteristics: one is transparency and the other is reflective. Its color is very bright, designed for better graphics. Its fantastic colors give people clean, clear enjoyment, and can be widely used in bathrooms and swimming pools, but they are not wear-resistant and are rarely used on the ground.

    4, metal mosaic: a higher hardness, strength, light retention, cover. Relatively speaking, the metal mosaic tiles are slightly darker than traditional mosaic tiles, but the metal mosaic tiles in a modern style, in particular, can create a sense of sci-fi color, suitable for modern style and post-modern home furnishings.

    5, shellfish mosaic: feel smooth, more close to nature. Natural shells are cut, planed, and dyed by special techniques. They are made by snoring. It is characterized by some noble translucency, environmental protection, and beautiful colors.

    6, coconut shell mosaic tiles: natural coconut shell as raw material, pure hand-made paste. Coconut shell mosaic tile with coconut shell texture, the surface was sand color, to maintain the irregular natural texture, showing the texture of simple, natural simplicity features, and the coconut shell itself, the natural curvature of the arc, reflecting the elegant style. Coconut shell mosaic tiles are suitable for hotel guesthouses, home wall screens and various artistic mosaics.

    Commonly used standards: Mosaic commonly used standards are 20 × 20mm, 25 × 25mm, 30 × 30mm, thickness in order between 4mm-4.3mm.


    1. When laying mosaic tiles, the gap between each tile should be consistent with the gap between the mosaic particles to avoid affecting the overall appearance.

    2. Every time you paste a mosaic, it must be compacted to ensure it is fully adhered.

    3. Because the mosaic emphasizes on the mosaic, so each mosaic order should pay attention, there is a waste of manpower and material resources.

    4. The mosaic tile after paving should be tightly caulked, so that it will not be skewed, etc. The surface is free of stains, glue, etc.



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