Where Can Mosaics Be Used?

- May 22, 2019-

Glass mosaics are used in swimming pools, science and technology halls, cinemas, TV towers, kindergartens, playgrounds (terror houses), flower tables, water pavilions, courtyards, temples and islands, furniture bathrooms, Disco dance halls, skating rinks, bars, clubs and so on. Especially at night, the lighting effect is more prominent in the surrounding environment and in the application of indoor walls and floors. If purple light, energy-saving lamp and fluorescent lamp are illuminated pertinently in the design and construction, the building itself will have the feeling of jadeite crystal, transparent light, quiet and deep, adding super mysterious color and infinite romantic sentiment to the building itself in the night.

Crystal glass mosaic is a kind of flat glass with high whiteness, which is processed at high temperature and melted into various colorful mosaics of various styles and specifications. Nowadays, crystal glass mosaic has been widely used in hotels, restaurants, halls, dance halls, floors, walls, swimming pools, fountains, baths, gymnasiums, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, balconies, corporate image trademarks, spelling, etc. Because of the zero water absorption of crystal glass mosaic, it is most suitable for wall and floor decoration of swimming pool, bathroom, kitchen and so on. Moreover, because of the compact specifications of mosaic, it can be assembled into beautiful mixtures, gradients and patterns of various colors. A friend told me that his living room was decorated with crystal glass mosaic while paving the floor with large tiles. It was unique and added a kind of luxury and elegance.