Why Do Mosaic Tiles Become Standard For Nobility?

- Jan 23, 2018-

Mosaic as a form of architectural decoration, first appeared in the 2,500-2000 BC Mesopotamia Mesopotamia original. When they were in ancient Greece, the nobles would decorate their homes and even tombs in a mosaic to reveal their noble identity.

In modern times, mosaic wall tiles are more of a kind of ceramic tile, it is a special way of brick, generally by dozens of small pieces of bricks to form a relatively large brick. With small and exquisite, colorful features are widely used in indoor small-scale floor, wall and outdoor large small wall and ground.

Because of the small size, you can do some puzzles to produce a gradient effect. If your bathroom is big, the lighting effect is good, may choose, the cleaning certainly is better than other tiles.

Where is the mosaic?

Casually go to a building materials market, the most common glass mosaic brick can be sold to more than 300 a flat, ceramic mosaic more than 500 a flat, there are more than 3,000 a collage.

In China, 100㎡ House can use 7, 8㎡ mosaic Brick is definitely a big single, more times, mosaic just as the bathroom wall decoration of the waist line.

Now the mosaic brick is not like the Roman nobility as the gem gold foil to the wall stickers, in the end expensive where?

In fact, it is not because of the high cost of raw materials, but in the production process of too much loss.

will be a whole (glass, marble, metal, etc.) plate into the standard particles, loss as high as 15%, in order to ensure that the color of the materials are basically consistent, this part of the material loss of 10%, there are irregular shape of the particles to be discarded ...